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Stair Runners

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Stair runners can add a measure of safety for everyone in the family, and they can add a spark of color and interest in an otherwise bland area of the house.

We find most often that customers are motivated to add a stair runner for an adored family pet who is having difficulty managing the hard surface stairs, or to make a stairwell safer for young children or older adults in the household. Whatever the reason, when you decide to install a stair runner there are mountains of products to choose from, so many options in fact it can become quite overwhelming.

Brad and Beth's "Noli" on their Roger Oates "Halle" stair runner.


We're here to help! Please stop in and visit us any time, we're happy to walk you through all your options, we have a showroom full of samples to peruse. In the meantime, consider the following points as you move forward:

1.) What is the layout of your stair case? Is it a straight set of stairs? Does it have turns? Are their landings? Are any of the stairs pied (triangular in shape) or are they all rectangular?

Knowing the answers to these questions well help us, better help you find a product that will work with your particular stair layout. Straight stairs are the easiest, with few limitations on what will work. Some patterned materials are not conducive to pied stairs, the pattern will not match up from step to step. 

If you do have turns with landings, it's helpful to consider how you would like to address the landing - do you want the runner to turn at the landing, staying continuous, or would you like it to go up over the landing stop and then begin new on the next set of stairs? For some good stair runner photo inspiration check out our Pinterest board: Stair Runner Round-up.

A Roger Oates runner with two hand-sewn, mitered corners to keep the runner continuous.


2.) Are you looking to replace an existing stair runner or are you adding a new stair runner?

If you are replacing an existing runner you may want to take note of the width of the existing runner - more than likely the finish on the stairs underneath is either in poor condition or has not faded the same as the uncovered portion of the stairs - you will probably want to make sure that the new runner will be the same width or wider, unless you are planning on having the stairs refinished. If you are adding a new stair runner take a minute to consider what amount of space you would like to have showing on either side of the runner. Depending on the width of the stairs, 3-5 inches on either side is a good general rule of thumb.

Custom cut and bound Bellbridge "Linen"


3.) What are you looking for in terms of color, pattern, or style?

We have a showroom full of samples. If you aren't sure what direction you want to head just come on in and take a peep around. We encourage you to take samples home with you so you can see all your different options in your space.  Your options are vast but we can help you narrow in on what will work best for you. For example, stripes are a classic on stairs - we're in love with Roger Oates - but heathered neutrals are great work horses, good at hiding sand and dirt.

Custom shaped Bellbridge "Southhampton" diamond.


4.) Here at Bradford's Rug Gallery we do full service stair runner installation, but some people are interested in installing their own stair runners. If you are a "weekend warrior" and want to do it yourself here are a few suggestions and tips to consider as you begin the process.

Generally pre-sized and finished area rugs are the easiest for DIY installers. There is a wide range of area rug runners that would be suitable, just note that they come in preset sizes that cannot be altered in width. The most common runner width is 30 inches. If you have never installed a stair runner before and you have any pied (triangular) stairs we highly recommend leaving the installation up to the professionals - making those pied stairs look fantastic takes some extra skill and know how. A straight set of stairs is the easiest, and squared landings are fairly easy to address as well. 

If you are considering installing a stair runner yourself here is a great resource from Dash & Albert for DIY stair runners: How to Install a Stair Runner

Dash & Albert Clover in color Black - 100% cotton.


We love installing stair runners and can help you find a completely custom look for your custom home, or we can help you find something that is supremely practical for your busy family, or anything in-between. Please stop by and see us any time Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm and we can help you find what you are looking for for your stairs.