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Repairs & Restoration


Whether you have minor repair needs, like fraying ends, or more intensive restoration projects, like re-weaves, Bradford's Rug Gallery can accommodate any of your area rug repair needs. Please CONTACT US for a quote.

Basic End Repair: $40 per linear foot


Cosmetic Selvedge (Side) Wrapping: $30 Per Linear Foot


Restoration Selvedge Wrapping: $40 per linear foot

-For replacing any missing warps or applying a false selvedge.


Velcro: $30 per linear foot

-Ideal for displaying rugs and other textiles as wall hangings.


Leather Backing Strip: $25 per linear foot

-Helps to prevent corners and side from curling.



Electrical Plug Holes: $150 per hole (+ travel)

-Allows for in-floor electrical outlets.

Cutting & Seaming (resizing): $ Per Linear Foot

  • Warp Direction: $60

  • Cross Warp Direction: $100



All Other Repairs By Quote Only 

  • Re-weaving

  • Re-knotting

  • Re-hooking


*$50 Minimum on all repairs.


For major repairs and restorations we coordinate with a facility overseas who does high quality restorations for reasonable prices. We can help you determine whether this level of restoration is appropriate for your rug.