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Cane Creek


Hand hooked using traditional methods in China

100% Cotton (new & recycled) with a Burlap back

Camp Cane Creek is a GREAT rug. Sophisticated yet, fun. The unleveled hand dying of the cotton is a work of art. The beauty of this rug is in the workmanship of the dyers. Camp Cane Creek has large squares of unleveled dyed cotton. The color placement in the squares, is random, but the colors are consistent in each rug. Therefore, different sizes will have all the same colors, but the squares may vary a little in color sequences. Made with Rich Browns, Pale Yellows, Faded Violets, Pale Blues, Sage Greens, Sky Blues, Sea Blues, Corals, Navies, Blush Pinks, Taupe's, Roses, and Golds In each Square is a block of unleveled color surrounded by a Chocolate Brown border. Camp Cane Creek has an Early American feel to it, yet can be contemporary.