Transitional: Flat Weave

Flat weave, Dhurrie or Kilim refers to a technique of weaving where no knots are used in the weave. The warp strands are used as the foundation, and the weft strands are used as part of the foundation and in creating the patterns. The weft strands are simply passed (woven) through the warp strands.  Rugs woven using the flatweave or dhurrie technique can be amazingly durable for their price tag. They are great candidates for a layered look over woven grass such as sisal. The larger piece underneath gives the flatweave a foundation to lie on and can help them stay put on the floor. Woven rugs require the use of a good solid rug pad on hard surfaces, ask us about specialty padding for radiant heat. 

 Hand Woven in India

100 % wool