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RUGS 101

Your resource for all things rug related.

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Spot Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

General Maintenance

Rug Care Quick Tips:  

- Do not use a beater bar vacuum attachment on hand made area rugs.
- Spot clean with a few drops of clear dish soap mixed in lukewarm water,
remember to BLOT don't rub.
- Rotate rugs every 6 months for even fading and wear.


Hand Knotted

Knot Count

Hand Woven

Hand Tufted/Hooked

Machine Made

Below is a wonderful video Courtesy of: Amara Rugs on the making of hand knotted rugs. 

Amara's Manufacturing Video from Adeel Malik on Vimeo.

Rug Making Materials:

Wool: Natural Animal Fiber (Our favorite!)

Cotton: Natural Plant Fiber

Silk: Natural Animal Fiber

Viscose/Art Silk/Bamboo Silk/Silkette: Highly Processed Plant Fiber

Sisal/Jute: Natural Plant Fiber

Linen: Natural Plant Fiber

Polypropylene: Man Made Synthetic Fiber

NylonMan Made Synthetic Fiber

Natural Dyes: Made from natural plant and animal materials.

Rug Pad:

Not sure if you need rug pad or not, please read our Blog post All About Rug Pads to find out.

For regular hard surface floors try: Optimat Pad

For floors with radiant (in floor) heat try: Magnet Pad or Rubber Anchor II 1/8"

For low door clearance try: Rubber Anchor II 1/16" 

For small rugs that shift around a lot try: Rubber Anchor II 1/8"

For rugs on top of carpeting try: Optimat Pad

Or visit our Rug Pad Collection online to see all your options.

About Antique and Vintage:

The generally accepted definition of ANTIQUE is a rug that is 100 years or older.

The generally accepted definition of VINTAGE is a rug that is between 50-99 years old.

Want to buy Antique or Vintage rugs? Take a look at our Antique and Vintage Collections.

Common Area Rug Concerns:

Sizing: What size area rug should I get for my space?

Repairs and Restoration: Does your rug have damage from wear, age, moths or pets? Don't worry, nice hand made rugs can be repaired!

Sprouts: What are sprouts and why do they happen?

Shedding: Is shedding normal?

White Freckles: What are freckles and what to do about them?

Fading: What can be done to reduce fading.

Moth Prevention

Creases/Furniture Marks: To remove creases or furniture marks the best thing to do is give it some time, wool fibers have "memory" and will usually return to their original shape after a period time. If you wish to speed up the process try gently rubbing an ice cube over the surface of the crease or furniture mark. Don't allow the fibers to get saturated just moisten them a little and then allow it to air dry. You can do this a couple times, always allowing it to fully dry before you repeat the process. Just remember - Give it time.


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