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Cleaning Your Wool Rug - Quick Guide for the Holidays

It's that time of year to gather together with family and loved ones. That means increased foot traffic, increased potential for food and beverage spills, and all the other things that come with making merry. We spend so much time beautifying our homes to welcome our loved ones, and don't want to waste our time being overly focused on keeping things nice and tidy. To help I've put together a comprehensive, but easy guide (with the help of Hibernia Woolen Mills) to help you clean up even the worst of spills during this holiday season - or any other time of the year.

When faced with spills, speed is of the essence and applying the right treatments, promptly will help prevent stains and damage. Wool is naturally water repellent. If liquid is spilled on the carpet it will form beads, allowing time for you to blot them up before they can be absorbed. Please read through all instructions before attempting cleaning - some processes require multiple steps and if not followed exactly could potentially damage your rug.

  • In the case of spilled liquids, the recommended method is to blot the spill with an absorbent, white cloth (so it does not bleed color when wet).

  • If solids are spilled, they should be scooped or picked up quickly with a spatula or dust pan. Any remaining residue should then be treated – as per the cleaning instructions detailed below.

  • When applying cleaning agents, never apply them directly to the carpet, apply them to a cloth then apply agent to the carpet and use a small quantity at a time. Less is more!

  • By working your way inwards, blotting, from the outer edge of a spot, you can prevent the stain from spreading.

  • When cleaning up spills and spots, avoid rubbing as this can cause the spot to spread or distort/felt the pile.

  • Keep the carpet as dry as possible during cleaning. After applying the required treatment, blot the area as dry as possible with a clean cloth and then cover with paper towels to dry.

*Mud: It is best to leave mud to dry then vacuum it off the surface of the carpet.


Cleaning Agents for Spot Removal:

Detergent Solution -

Mix one teaspoon of clear dish washing liquid with a cup of warm water. After applying to the carpet this solution must be well rinsed with clear water.

Ammonia Solution -

Mix one tablespoon of clear household ammonia (3% solution) with 1/2 cup of water. After using, this solution must be neutralized with vinegar solution.

Vinegar Solution -

Mix 1/3 cup of white vinegar with 2/3 cup of water.

Solvent -

Mineral Spirits

Absorbent Cleaners - 

Host or Capture

As always if you are not confident on how best to clean a spill: remove any solids, blot out as much of the spill as you can with a white cloth and warm water. The less you do the better. Then contact us to have your rug professionally cleaned.

Don't worry about your rugs, enjoy your holiday season!