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We could not be happier to embrace the 2018 color trend toward soft grey greens.  Colors like Magnolia Home's Olive Grove, Ben Moore's Jojoba and Valspar's Silver Eucalyptus are everywhere right now and we are ready.  Tranquil, soft greens can go in so many directions, amp them up with saturated red and blue or soften with pastels.  I put together some of my favorite rugs to bring some "easy green" into your life. 



First up is a classic Kazak, our bread & butter here in the showroom, a traditional style without being too formal.  These bright reds and blues will take your muted greens to the next level.  


Image via { wander hues }  @nathalierollandin


You really can't go wrong in New England with blues and greens, keep the background ivory for that super fresh summery vibe.  This double sided Soumak weave is made of the softest New Zealand Wool.


Image via Pinterest

A rug round up would not be complete without something from Dash and Albert by Annie Selke. Here's a classic 100% cotton, long time best seller Stone Soup, under $ 500 for an 8x10 means you use it, love it and replace it. 


image via Pinterest

Perhaps a more classic styling suits your taste? This roughly 10x14 Tabriz bring s soft sophistication to any space.  With soft tones on a neural base this one of a kind beauty gives you the flexibility to keep a room muted and serene or amp it up with bold, saturated textiles.


Image via Pinterest 

Feeling the need for a more rustic, say farmhouse style ?  This wool Kilim is circa 1975 and has just the right blend of color, based on her line of paints, I think Joanna Gaines would approve. 


Image via Pinterest 

Gabbehs, traditionally from Southwest Iran ( this one was expertly crafted in Pakistan) are so versatile, they create a cozy space in a craftsman stye or pull it all together in an open concept contemporary.


Image via Pinterest 

Prefer a more simplified color pallet but equally sophisticated ? This antique Serapi circa 1875 is a true collector's piece, showcasing soft greens accented with the perfect rusty red and a touch of blue. A design that is muted enough to pair with bold fabric prints or keep everything else simple and let this impeccable antique run the show.  


{ flora tones } image via: @heather_page

 Let's turn to the other end of the rug spectrum and have a look at a hand tufted, aka under $900 8x10. This one pairs a cool shade of plum with greens and coral.  And if Gucci puts these colors together, everyone should !


image via Pinterest 









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