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A good quality rug pad can change your relationship with rugs. 

A good quality rug pad can change your relationship with rugs. 

Padding should be replaced when they dry out, generally 7-10 years. None of our rug pads will adhere to normal hardwood, tile or concrete flooring, be aware of very inexpensive waffle weave pads, they compress in your hand and will adhere to flooring. 

Bradford’s stocks 3 types of rugs pads in their Portland Maine showroom in standard sizes : Optimat, Magnet, and Rubber Anchor ⅛”.  We will cut a standard size pad to fit your rug size when appropriate, for some odd rug sizes the pad will be special ordered.  Typically, pads are cut 1” smaller on all 4 sides than your rug size. Please call ahead with your rug size and we will make these adjustments. Additional types of pads can be special ordered, refer to our rug pad collection page for these options.  Ordering time is 2-3 weeks.  

Why use a rug pad ?

Comfort : pads will add cushion underfoot

Stability: pads will hold the rugs in place, making them safer to walk on and reduces rugs movement. 

Longevity: pads extend the life of the rug by giving a bit of cushioning from the everyday foot traffic.

Protection: Open backed rugs allow fine particles of sand to work their way through the top of the rug and can act like sandpaper between the rug and the floor. This can lead to scratches on your flooring.  Very heavy furniture can leave a permanent mark on flooring without the added layer of a cushioned rug pad.


How to select the best rug pad for your needs


Do you have radiant heat? 

If Yes : Select rubber anchor, magnet or securenet 

If no : Select any

Do you have door clearance restrictions? 

Select Rubber Anchor 1/16” 

Is your rug very thin, with a stiff backing such as a flat woven bound rug made of sisal, wool or poly?

Select rubber anchor or securenet. These rugs do not always lay flat over a thicker pad

Is your rug open backed, hand knotted or woven and will go on non radiant heated flooring ? 

Optimat pad is a good quality pad or upgrade to Rubber Anchor (see next line)

Is your rug small, unbacked flat weave, kilim dhurrie, worn antique OR you want to maximize the pads grip on the floor ?  

Select rubber anchor, this is the best quality pad on the market.  This pad is made on 54” widths and will be provided in multiple pieces when needed. The pieces are not taped together and should be laid on the floor side by side.  

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