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Size Guides

What Size Area Rug Do I Need?

There are a few basic rules of thumb to remember when determining what size rug you need.

  1. Knowing how you are going to use a space can help you figure out what size rug to get. Where will you be walking, where will you be standing? Rugs are meant to be functional, use them to frame the space and protect floors in major walkways.

  2. A too small area rug can make a room feel smaller and disjointed, it is recommended to have anywhere from 18" to 24" of exposed floor on all sides of your area rug. 

  3. In large open living spaces, with furniture floating in the middle, the furniture should fit entirely on the rug without feeling cramped.

  4. In rooms with furniture along the wall, make sure at least the two front feet of the furniture rest on the rug.

  5. For dining rooms, a rug needs to extend 18" to 24" beyond the edge of the table to keep chairs on the rug when pulling them out to sit.

  6. As our friends at Safavieh say: Know the rules, then bend at will!


These are some wonderful resources we highly recommend:
 - Safavieh has created an excellent sizing guide HERE
 - One Kings Lane has a fantastic area rug sizing guide HERE (see some of their diagrams below.)
While size is very important to the function of area rugs, we must also consider personal tastes and budget. Be flexible, consider a range of size options to fit your space, use an old bed sheet or painters tape to "map out" the area.  Above all, BUY WHAT YOU LOVE!