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What Size Area Rug Do I Need ?
  • With over a century in the rug biz, Safavieh has created an excellent guide. Check it out HERE
  • Who doesn't love One Kings Lane and their stylish,well organized online shop!  They have a fantastic area rug guide HERE
  • Above all be practical, don't buy a smaller rug because it's less expensive or has a shorter lead time, you will forever be regretful.  
  • Remember rugs are meant to be functional, use them to frame the space and protect floors in major walkways.
Below are some very helpful guides to help determine which size is best for various spaces (courtesy of:  While size is very important to the function of area rugs, we must also consider personal tastes and budget.  Think about a range of size options to fit your space to allow some flexibility, use an old bed sheet or painters tape to "map out" the area.  Above all, BUY WHAT YOU LOVE.