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This collection is created through a joint venture between a Salt Lake rug company and a cooperative of Tibetan refugees in Katmandu, Nepal. The raw wool is brought into Nepal from Tibet, where sheep live at high altitudes in extreme conditions that result in some of the finest wool in the world. Rich in lanolin, this wool boasts very strong fibers. Once in Nepal, the wool is washed and hand spun. After the wool is dyed, the rugs are hand knotted on cotton warps, using looms and techniques that haven’t changed since their inception several centuries ago. A 4x6 foot rug requires approximately 250 hours to complete. The hand knotting process and the superb quality of the wool produce a rug that will last for generations, under normal wear and circumstances. 100 knots.

Hand Knotted Nepal
100% Himalayan Wool with silk accents

Custom sizes available.

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