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Rubber Anchor II

Sizing guide

Simply stated, Rubber Anchor II is the very best pad for area rugs. Made with open cell natural rubber, Rubber Anchor’s comfort, resilience, performance in protecting against rug wear and preventing slipping on both wood and tile floors is unsurpassed by any other rug pads. It’s smooth surface eliminates the possibility of texture showing through even the finest rugs. The finest area rugs deserve Rubber Anchor II.

All rug pads are cut one inch smaller than the rug on all sides.

Custom Rectangular or Square Sizes Available (minimum 45 sf):

1/16"Thick - $3.70/s.f.

1/8" Thick - $4.40/s.f.

1/4" Thick - $6.95/s.f.

Custom Size Round or Oval (minimum 49 sf):

1/16"Thick - $4.95/s.f.

1/8" Thick - $5.85/s.f.

1/4" Thick - $9.25/s.f.

*For pads under 45 square feet - in store pick up is required. 

**Rubber Anchor II is only manufactured in up to 54" widths - for rugs larger than 54" wide pad will come in multiple pieces.

Please contact us for more information or to order custom sizes.