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Customization: SIZE, SHAPE and COLOR

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Do you have a hearth that juts into your living room, built-in corner cabinets, or an unusual shaped stairwell? These are just a few of the reasons you may be looking for a custom sized and/or shaped area rug. Customization is something we pride ourselves on here at Bradford's Rug Gallery. We love being able to provide options you can't find anywhere else - unique spaces require unique rugs!

Custom shapes done by Bradford's Rug Gallery


What does it mean when you are told a rug can be made "custom"? Most people assume custom means more expensive, but everything is relative so getting a customized rug may not be as costly as you imagine. This blog post will focus on customization basics to help you get the perfect area rug for your unique space. 

ARS Color Poms

The most commonly customized area rug aspects are size, shape and color. We'll start by exploring custom sizing. Not every house was built with standard rug sizing in mind (nor was all furniture!), so sometimes a custom size is required. There are two ways to get a custom sized area rug: 1.) By choosing "sheet goods" also know as broadloom (wall to wall carpet) or 2.) By choosing a hand made area rug that offers the option of being custom woven to size for you. Sheet goods are machine made on a 12' or 13' (occasionally even 15' or 16') wide loom so they can be cut to a custom size and then have the edges finished in a variety of manners. 

Many hand knotted or hand woven area rugs that are available in standard sizes can also be made in custom sizes. Depending on the product chosen a digital mock up may be required to make sure the pattern of the rug scales up or down to your preference. Knot & Co flat woven products are some our most frequently purchased custom sized area rugs. However they are not the only option, we carry many additional products that offer custom sizing. Please check out a few of our options below:

Custom woven Knot & Co with custom stair install by Bradford's Rug Gallery.
Custom shapes are a convenient solution for oddly shaped rooms, curving stairwells or rooms with fireplaces or hearths that jut out. Custom shaping is primarily done using sheet goods (broadloom or wall-to-wall as mentioned previously) that is cut and bound to specific dimensions, finishing sometimes can even take place on sight for the most customized fit. If you are looking for an unusual shape like a hexagon, an octagon, or just a rectangle with one corner cut off there are also some great tufted and hooked options that can be customized for you. You can see some of the tufted options available HERE as well as some sisal options HERE.



Looking at customizing color, surprisingly it can be one of the most difficult aspects to conceptualize when designing. Colors are changeable and subjective, different lighting and different angles can change the appearance of a color, whereas size and shape are immutable and much easier to envision. It often takes the aid of a designer's skills for customers to make decisions on color customization. With a designer or without, we are here to help you along the way, we have a full range of ARS Colors to work from to make sure you get the precise colors you are looking for. 

ARS Colors is a manufacturer of a color referencing system widely used in the textile and Rug industry. Valued by Textile Designers, Fashion Designers, Architects or creative individuals to color match specific colors of wool, viscose or cotton shades when a design enters production stage, regardless of the equipment used to produce the color.


The final thing to keep in mind when choosing a custom area rug is timing. A customized rug will always have a longer lead time than a standard sized rug, depending on the construction type of the product chosen, it can take anywhere from 4 weeks (cut and bound sheet goods) to 6+ months (hand knotted goods) to have your rug completed. Some custom hand woven pieces may require digital mock ups to be created, and/or a strike off to be made which both take time to produce. A strike off is a small sample piece of the customized rug, woven in order to get final approval before the full production begins. Actual production will take a significant amount of time as well as shipping to the US.

The customization process can seem complicated and over-whelming but we will walk you through step-by-step to make the process as easy as possible. The time and effort will result in the rug of your dreams!
Custom Banu Home hand knotted stair runner.

Please contact us to get started.