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Going Contemporary

Contemporary: adj.

1. existing, occurring, or living at the same time; belonging to the same time.

2. of about the same age or date.

3. of the present time; modern.

"Technically, a contemporary design style reflects what is popular 'now', meaning that it represents whatever styles, colors, etc. are currently trending. Contemporary and Modern styles are often used interchangeably because they are similar, they are actually a bit different.  Contemporary design takes it cue from Modern, but then doesn’t hesitate to break the rules to reflect whatever is current, whereas Modern is a bit more strict with its style based on historical, iconic design." - tidbitsandtwine.com

photo courtesy modernsanctuary.com
If you are someone who appreciates a clean look, shiny finishes and sleek lines, you probably lean more towards a contemporary style for your home. Maine can sometimes be a hard place to find great contemporary decor options, we Mainers tend to appreciate the classics, we are practical and appreciate functionality above all else. But Maine is a growing, changing state, contemporary design has found a niche here. Bradford's Rug Gallery has been increasing and expanding our inventory to provide a great range options for our customers who want a more modern - contemporary look.
In the above photo, designer Charles Prior of Baxter Creative Designs has created a sleek, bold, stylish, and sophisticated space using a low profile leather sofa, glass and brass side tables and a strong wall color. You can achieve a similar look by choosing one of the following rugs to pair with your leather sofa and modern decor. 
Rugs Shown:
Left - Kourion Seaspray
Middle - Marble Canyon
Right - Pablo Blue Grunge

photo courtesy of www.futuristarchitecture.com

For a super minimalist, monochromatic look, like the one above from Futurist Architecture, try one of the three great area rug options from below.

Rugs Shown:
Left - West Village
Middle - Mercury
Right - Hallen Dark Grey
photo courtesy of http://modernsanctuary.life/galleries

Or for a warm and relaxing, yet still contemporary look, like the one above from Modern Sanctuary, try one of these great options to go with your white or gray sectional.

Rugs Shown:
Left - Fluxus Granite
Middle - Levi Grey/Beige
Right - Borior Snowfox


If you'd like to see our full collection of contemporary area rugs visit our Hand Knotted Tibetan Collection or our Hand Knotted Transitional Collection.