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Annual Summer Sale June 18th through June 29th Annual Summer Sale June 18th through June 29th

Latest and Greatest

We say it all the time, because so it's true, we get new and exciting inventory in all the time - all styles and colors. It seems like we are opening packages everyday that contain either new one-of-a-kinds, or intriguing, new programmed rugs.

Since we are right in the middle of the Holiday Season and everyone is busy making merry, I thought I'd make it easy and put together a sampling of our new inventory for you to browse through at your leisure.

If you have questions about any of the rugs please feel free to call us. All the rugs pictured are present in our show room, you are welcome to come see them in person at our gallery on Forest Ave in Portland.

4'9"x7' Mamluk

8'1"x9'7" Afghan Harhang

8'10"x11'10" Harshang

9'1"x12''6" Anatolian

9x12 Garrus Bidjar


4'2"x5'11" Bakshyesh

2'7"x8' Afghan Serab

8'11"x12'1" Soft Melody


4'1"x6'1" Khanna

3'1"x10'2" Violet

5'11"x8'11" Khanna

5'5"x8' Tribal Kilim

9'1"x12'2" Anatolian

2'x2'10" Tribal Shirvan

5'11"x9'1" Mamluk

5'1"x6'5" Tribal Kilim


3'7"x9'8" Tribal Kilim

9'1"x12'5" Anatolian


3'x4'11" Afghan Kuba