Meet the Bradford's Rug Gallery family!
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Meet the Bradford's Rug Gallery family!

Some of you know us well, some of you know us only a little, as it's the start of a new year, I thought it would be a good time to re-introduce all of us so you can know us just a little better. As there are only four of us and we are all family, this both an easy and a challenging feat. None of us enjoy having our pictures taken, in fact you're more likely to find a picture of one of us making faces rather than smiling happily in a family portrait. Which makes it particularly difficult to take and share more personal pictures - rugs never argue when you take pictures of them. We want to have a personal connection with all of you, our customers, no matter how far away you live. For that reason I have forced everyone (amid much reluctance and complaining) to let me take a "nice" photo and share a brief profile. I hope you enjoying getting to know a little bit more about our family!


Bradford Ross

Brad Ross (the Bradford in Bradford's Rug Gallery) is the co-owner and founder, and father of two - also THE most difficult to photograph. Brad got his start in the rug business at the young age of 18 while working at a small rug store in Freeport, Maine. Always a history buff, Brad was immediately drawn to the history to be found in the traditional rug making culture. With his enthusiasm for vintage and antique Persian, Caucasian, & Turkman rugs Brad slowly began to amass a collection of rugs until he reached the point at which he was ready to begin his own venture - in 2006 he opened Bradford's Rug Gallery. He continues to be dedicated to the study of old rugs - always educating himself with his extensive personal library - looking, learning, and comparing. Brad is proud to say that his work is truly his passion - if you have ever worked with Brad, his passion is evident.


Elizabeth Ross

Elizabeth (Beth) Ross is co-owner as well as Brad's wife, she is the contemporary style-savvy, technical-savvy half of the business. Beth started working with Brad from the beginning, she would bring their younger daughter, Isabelle, to the store with her a couple days a week while also working a second job. Brad frequently remarks that he couldn't have gotten the business up and running without Beth's help and support. Beth also managed to complete a Bachelor's degree in Political Science at the University of Southern Maine all while helping Brad run the store and fulfill all her other roles. A tireless worker, Beth dedicates herself both to the store and her family - taking care of all of us. She keeps an eye on current trends in interior design so she always knows how to keep our customers up to date and in style. 


Courtney Ross

Courtney Ross - that's me - I'm the blog writer, photo taker, rug repairer, and Brad's younger sister. I started working part-time for Brad and Beth in March of 2014 and in 2017 became a full-time employee. Years of retail experience, and being a trusted family member made me the obvious choice to be Brad & Beth's first employee. It also happened to work out nicely that I have a personal interest in the fiber arts, so I have vast knowledge of wool and it's properties, as well as an understanding the process of spinning yarn as well as weaving which made me a prime candidate to learn the art of repairing and restoring rugs. In February of 2017 I completed a rug repair class with Robert Mann Rugs in Denver, Colorado. I've been enjoying doing more and more in-depth repairs and restorations and hope to visit Robert Mann Rugs again soon to further my training.


Abigail Ross

Abby Ross is Brad and Beth's oldest daughter - and the most photogenic of all of us. At 17 she is in her Junior year at Gray New Gloucester high school where she is Junior class President, a member of the National Honor Society and captain of her varsity soccer team. She mostly works on Saturday's, occasionally adding an extra day when she is on a school break. Abby is greatly appreciated, we all enjoy her smiling face, her sense of humor, and her willingness to do the not so fun jobs like filing paperwork or cutting rug pads. She keeps us tidy and organized and we love having her here.