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Vintage Rugs Friendly For Any Budget

Creating a stylish and comfortable living space shouldn't cost a fortune, and it doesn't have to. Sometimes it just takes a little extra time and poking around in unexpected places to find the unique and interesting pieces that you love at an affordable price.

Bradford's Rug Gallery prides it's self on offering, not only the best of the best in handmade area rugs, but also on offering handmade, vintage and antique  inventory in a range of pricing. Some people just can't accept home decor with that mass produced, machine-made look and want something, special, unique and interesting, all traits you find in handmade one of a kind rugs. While the adjectives "handmade and one of a kind" are typically followed by thoughts of exclusiveness and high cost, that doesn't have to be the case. 

We've curated a collection of inspirational decor photos and matched them with affordable vintage rugs we currently have in stock at our Forest Avenue showroom. We want to inspire you to make your living space as one of a kind as you are.

What makes these particular hand-made, one of a kind rugs so affordable? Multiple things. Most of the rugs in this collection are pieces that show distinct signs of wear, whether it's fraying ends, worn away pile, actual holes, or unravelling sides. These are rugs that have been authentically distressed. There is nothing with more character than a slightly shabby old rug, you'll never find two that look exactly the same. 

Holes? Fraying ends? You may ask why you would want to spend money on a "damaged" rug, and we would tell you - because there is still a lot of life in that rug! Hand knotted (or hand woven) rugs are constructed in such a way that they are incredibly durable, a little wear or a hole here or there will not compromise the functionality of a rug. They can be hand washed with excellent results and small repairs can be made as necessary to promote longevity. There isn't likely anything you or your family could throw at one of these rugs that it hasn't already lived though.

Age is another factor in finding great, vintage rugs at modest prices. Most rugs made from about 1920 through the early 1980s have the misfortune of being knotted with yarns dyed with synthetic chrome dyes. At that time those relatively new chrome dyes were of poor quality and their resulting colors can seem over bright to a collector who is wanting to buy antiques with softer, more subtle natural dyes. These mid-century, synthetically dyed rugs can fade and loose some of their jarring notes, acquiring appeal that only age and use can impart. Take for example the Persian Tuisarkan featured below, made sometime in the 1950s with chrome dyes, it is in excellent condition, with thick, soft pile, though tempered by time the chrome dyes are still apparent. It may not be appealing to the more serious collector, but all the better for those of us on a budget. It is an excellent quality rug that is kid and pet friendly, will last a lifetime and cost a fraction of what an older Persian with natural dyes would cost.

One of a kind rugs are just that - one-of-a-kind, finding the perfect size with the exact right look, or the exact right colors may not be in the cards, but if you are willing to be flexible and work with the rugs that speak to you, you are likely to come up with a result that is beautiful, unique and all your own. White walls with white trim is a favorite among designers and home renovators to complement a modern aesthetic with interesting vintage pieces, seamlessly blending the old and new. See inspiration photos above and below.

Photo Courtesy - "A Bungalow Full of Thrify Finds and Charming Surprizes"

All of the rugs (room scene rugs not included) featured in this blog are available to be seen in person at our showroom or available to be purchased online (click on the rug photo for more information). As a rule, we highly encourage our customers to bring rugs home on trial. Colors in photographs never read true, we've all gone through the process of ordering something online and being immensely disappointed by the actual color of the product when it arrives. Here at Bradford's we have a process by which we allow rugs to be taken home for a 3 day approval period. If you don't like the rug, just return it within 3 days. There is no substitute for seeing rugs in person! If you buy a rug from us online we offer the same 3 day return policy (some exclusions my apply). We like knowing that we've done everything possible to make sure you are buying the exact right rug for you.

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