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Whether it is a chunky flat weave, long shaggy pile or a crisp, structured sisal, texture will add interest and depth to any room. The designers at Hatch Interior Design write the following about texture in their Blog Elements of Design: Pattern and Texture

"When an interior designer refers to texture they are speaking to the surface quality of a material. Every surface has a texture whether it be smooth or rough, bumpy or flat."

Without variations in texture, a room can feel monotonous. Typically rooms start out with all smooth, flat surfaces i.e. walls, ceilings, windows, furniture, - as most of us know from experience - this can feel cold and unwelcoming. Adding textiles adds rich texture, softening and warming the smooth, cool surfaces. Rugs, curtains, furniture, art, accent pillows, even plants are great ways to introduce texture into a room. Of course we're especially fond of adding texture with an area rug!

Texture can turn a simple room into a sophisticated room, by adding depth and shadow. Whether in neutral shades or bright colors, as long as it has pattern and movement and looks like it would be interesting to touch, it can bring your room to the next level. Remember too much texture can be just as negative as too little texture, making a room feel busy or even dirty. Balance is key.

"...complicated textures remind us of nature. They provide the eye with something interesting to look at, but they’re also incredibly soothing. It doesn’t hurt that at this particular moment in interior design, the textured look is especially big." - Apartment Therapy 


When going monotone with your color palette in a room you can increase the visual interest by adding texture. The natural neutral tones in grass fibers like jute and sisal make them ideal when one doesn't desire a lot of color. You can easily find an endless variety of interesting and different textures when it comes to sisal. One of our favorite go-to resources for grass fibers is Fibreworks, they offer a huge range of products readily available (3-4 week turn around) to be cut in finished in any size you need.


Some of our other favorites for rich texture:

Bellissima by Radici

Sedona by Knot & Co

Seurat by Dash & Albert

Cordova by Knot & Co

Highland by Tufenkian

Havana by Knot & Co