Featured Rug: Fluxus Granite– Bradford's Rug Gallery

Featured Rug: Fluxus Granite

If you are looking for a high quality, hand made rug with the freshest modern look, Fluxus Granite by Stark Studio Rugs may be the rug for you. Stark is a well know name that for years has been associated with the very best in designer area rugs. Using "Old World" weaving techniques, they have combined the best traditions of rug making with the most timely and on trend designs.

Hand knotted in Nepal, with the highest quality wool and silk, Fluxus Granite is available in standard sizes starting at 8x10, or can be custom made in any size.

Making Rugs By Hand by Stark Studio Rugs

"A hand knotted or hand woven rug represents the remarkable achievement of many highly skilled artisans. There are few, if any, other items you can purchase for your home on which more care and handwork has been lavished. Every stage of this ancient craft, from spinning the wool to trimming the pile of the finished rug, is carried out by hand – not out of stubbornness, but because there is no better way of making a rug."

Fluxus Granite is the best of the old and new worlds of rug making, with it's exquisite construction and fine modern sensibilities. We love it because of it's bold splash of interest and asymmetrical design, it feels active, almost interactive, as if were you to squish your feet around in the soft wool and silk pile you could shift and change the pattern yourself. Though only including white, black, grey, and a little gold, Fluxus Granite is not boring, it is dynamic and interesting, and will play well with whatever modern or minimalist accent pieces you choose.

If you are attracted to Fluxus Granite and would like to see it in person we have it here in our show room to see in a 9'x12'. We also have a 2x3 sample piece to easily transport home if you want to see the colors in your space. Please stop by anytime Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm and we'll introduce you to the beauty that is Fluxus Granite and Stark Studio Rugs.